Developing a Bangor University Teaching Scholars Programme (2020–21) in partnership with BCUHB


Pathway: Advancing Care for the Older Person

Overview Pathway: Advancing Care for the Older Person

The Advancing Care for the Older Person Pathway with BCUHB involves a discrete model for the provision of training and a package for delivering a training pathway within the Health Board.

The development of the ‘Teaching Scholars’ Programme provides a supportive infrastructure to build capacity and capability in the area of gerontological practice for multidisciplinary professionals in BCUHB.

It provides a framework for generating a cohort of Teaching Scholars that can deliver training on applied clinical work in support of older people, set within a scaffolding of peer support and sustainability, aligned to anchoring BCUHB ‘Teaching Scholars’ within Ageing& Dementia@Bangor

Focus of Programme

Co-construction and participatory approach to training preparation and delivery, including formal preparatory stage and development followed by supported online delivery modes

Engagement with MDT practitioners within practice in delivery

Peter Huxley

Grounded Learning Pods focused on gerontological practice as a positive area of practice and skilling

Rajgopal Rajendra

Mentorship and education of Scholars through embedding in University