Postgraduate Research Students


PhD/ PDoc

Laura Braithwaite
Maria Caulfield
Rita Chumber
Barriers and Facilitators to Older Adults in Contact with Home Care Services Engaging in Physical Activities
Ian Davies-Abbott
Graham Leslie Haynes A study of older people’s views about the role of community in facilitating them to age well within the rural context
Genevieve Hopkins
Exploring the development and implementation of a new integrated health and social care model
Hannah Jelley
Co-creating a resilience-building framework for people with dementia and their carers
Rakesh Kumar Falls, Frailty in People with Dementia
Pamela McCafferty Views and experiences of informal carers of people with dementia: a comparative case study of
challenges, and effective interventions, for British carers and those with a Polish migrant
background living in the United Kingdom
Bethan Naunton Morgan Adaptation of an e-health intervention ‘iSupport’ for carers of people living with rarer dementias
Emma Smith Integrating dementia and frailty care pathways


MRes/ MSc research phase

Penny Alexander
Naomi Boyle Exploring unscheduled care at night: the Night Owls project
Kodchawan Doungsong MSc Public Health and Health Promotion