A friendly face

For anyone affected by dementia, who wants to talk to someone living with dementia.

A Friendly Face is run by volunteers with a diagnosis of dementia. Please feel free to call anytime for a chat. If there is no answer, please leave a message and we will get back to you, or you can ring one of the other numbers.



Phone numbers

  • Female, diagnosed with dementia in 2015. Very friendly, sociable and still enjoying life.
    From Flintshire/Wrexham area.
    Tel: 07468 707828
  • Female, diagnosed with dementia in 2015. Recently retired from full time work, lives with young family.
    From Conwy/Denbighshire area.
    Tel: 07909 004394
  • Male, diagnosed with dementia in 2012, now in late 50’s. Very involved in advocacy for people with dementia.
    From Conwy/Denbighshire area.
    Tel: 07468 710584
  • Female, diagnosed with dementia in 2014. Bilingual Welsh-English speaker.
    From Gwynedd/Môn area.
    Tel: 07468 710196                                                                

A Friendly Face - support for people living with dementia

Top Tips – for anyone newly diagnosed with dementia

'In it together' is a short film featuring two of the ‘A Friendly Face’ volunteers. The film shows how people living with dementia can provide friendship and support to each other.