Promoting Excellence in All Care Homes (PEACH)

The PEACH study focused on the care home workforce, who play a pivotal role in promoting the quality of care provided to older people and are therefore a major influence on residents’ quality of life.  This large work-force, of probably over a half a million people, carry out work that is often seen as unattractive, at rates of pay that are seen as under-valuing the contribution made, without a clear career structure, in a sector that is marked by constant change.

The sector itself often attracts unfavourable publicity in relation to reports of abuse and neglect, although estimating the extent of such problems is challenging.


PEACH - Promoting Excellence in All Care Homes

This evidence informed training package is based on reflective practice and adult learning responding to feedback from many people consulted for the project. Key areas addressed include:

  • Older people and ageing
  • Dignity
  • Respectful Communication
  • Understanding and managing behaviours
  • Team working
  • Safe-guarding

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