Bangor researchers contribute to advancing dementia research strategy

Dr Gill Windle and Emeritus Professor Bob Woods, of the Dementia Services Development centre, part of BIHMR in the School of Healthcare Sciences were part of the Alzheimer’s Society taskforce of leading UK clinicians and researchers in dementia, UK funders of dementia research, people with dementia and carer representatives developing the first ‘dementia research roadmap for prevention, diagnosis, intervention and care by 2025’.

This roadmap sets out goals and recommendations to advance dementia research and was published yesterday (21st February) in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. It is acknowledged and inspired an article in the Guardian, discussing why ‘dementia research must study care as well as cure‘.

Professor Woods said “whilst the search for treatments that modify the course of Alzheimer’s disease and the various other forms of dementia is vital, it is equally important that we have sound evidence for psychological treatments and care services to make a difference to the lives of the 40,000 people living with dementia in Wales today. This road-map will help ensure that progress is made with this ambition as quickly as possible.”

Publication date: 23 February 2018