Living with dementia: Projects

North Wales Dementia Network

The North Wales Dementia Network was established with support from the Bangor University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account in 2016. The Network aims to share best practice, improve collaboration, and increase the impact of dementia research into practice across North Wales.

Experts in dementia came together - including people affected personally with dementia and a range of people working to support those diagnosed with dementia to live well with dementia in North Wales.  It proved to be a stimulating and useful platform for sharing information and working with others passionate about making a positive contribution. The work was featured in the University Review for 2015-2016 under the Community section.

In the first year six cross-county meetings were arranged with 140 attending across North Wales. The meetings involved sharing ideas, experience and knowledge, and encouraged members to identify themes which to be developed in partnership. Creative workshops, facilitated by Lisa Carter ( an experienced artist were used within the meetings to encourage discussions.

Creating a Dementia Supportive Practice Community

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