Ian Davies-Abbott

Lecturer in Healthcare Sciences (Mental Health Nursing)


Tel: 01248 383179

Email: IanDaviesAbbott@bangor.ac.uk


Research Interests:

Ian Davies-Abbott has a clinical nursing background in dementia care. He has seventeen years of experience in mental health nursing, working in memory, community and inpatient services.

In his PhD he is exploring whether an Appreciative Inquiry based intervention can be used by people with dementia to influence the language of other groups in society to positively position people with dementia. Ian has a particular interest in how language constructs accepted realities that result in positive and negative social actions and how these realities can be challenged.

Ian is working with Public Health Wales to embed Dementia Care MappingTM in Welsh health services in line with the Welsh Dementia Action Plan.

In his lecturer role, Ian supports the delivery of the MSc in Dementia and dementia related education for undergraduate nurses at Bangor University.



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