Catrin Hedd Jones

Lecturer in Dementia Studies

Tel: 01248 388872

Twitter: @CatrinHedd


Research Interests:

A bi-lingual Dementia Studies Lecturer at the School in Dementia Studies; Catrin also leads the CADR Dementia Supportive Communities package.

Catrin's research interests encompass evaluating interventions that support people through life transitions. The PhD research at the Centre for Evidence Based Early Intervention, Bangor involved the first evaluation of a group based parenting programme for parents and their babies in north and mid Wales. This resulted in development and testing of a new observation tool to evaluate parental behaviour during interaction with their baby.  More recent research at Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) has involved transitions later on in life as people enter retirement or learn to live well with dementia through engagement with new and creative activities. 

Since joining the DSDC in 2012 Catrin has conducted over 600 face to face interviews, collecting quantitative and qualitative interviews with older adults in the community, working on three research projects. The Lifestyle Matters study was a randomised controlled trial conducted by the Universities of Sheffield and Bangor to determine the benefit of an occupational therapy based programme for people aged 65 years and older. The Cognitive Function and Ageing Study Wales (CFAS-Wales), a longitudinal cohort study that aims to address key questions about maintaining function and well-being in later life.   The Dementia and Imagination study: connecting communities and developing well-being through socially engaged visual arts practice; with lead responsibility for community recruitment and data collection, training and analysis of the systematic observational data, maintaining the NISCHR portfolio and translation of dementia measures from English to Welsh.


Catrin was recently invited to give a talk on dementia, as part of a two-day workshop, to a group who are developing the work of an Eisteddfod commissioned opera, which will be premiered in 2022, following the life of a lady living with dementia.


Resilient Rural Communities - an investigation of the role of language on sustaining social support and networks Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research - Research Development Grant funding, £2,080, 2016. (Project lead).

Creating a Dementia Supportive Practice Community. Bangor University ESRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), £21,416, 2016 (Principal Investigator and Project Lead)

Dementia and Imagination: connecting communities and developing well-being through socially engaged visual arts practice. AHRC Reference number: AH/K00333X/1, £9,300 (co-applicant).


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'Combining daycare for children and elders benefits all generations' has been published in The Conversation (4/1/17).

Conference Presentations:

Published Abstracts

Jones, C.H; Newman, A., Howson, T., Algar, K. Part of a symposium ‘Challenges of the research process: reflections on the progression of research in visual art groups for people living with dementia and those who care for them’ British Society of Gerontology in Newcastle, 2ndJuly 2015.

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Invited Presentations:

Guest lecturer on the Psychology-Child Development module, Bangor University, 2013-.

Jones, C.H. The Dementia & Imagination study. Presented at the Denbighshire Health, Social Care & Wellbeing Forum Meeting, Rhuddlan, Denbighsire, 27th February 2015.

Jones, C.H. Dementia & Imagination study: Evaluating the impact of visual art with people living with dementia. Presented at the Dementia Action Alliance quarterly meeting, Liverpool; 20th May 2015.

Jones, C.H., & Scrase., W. Research studies available to Primary Care Presented at the NISCHR Academic Health Science Collaboration (AHSC) Abergele, Denbighshire; 25th September, 2014.