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DSDC Staff

Dr Helen Aslett

DSDC Research Officer

Tel: 01248 383485



Research Interests:

Dr Helen Aslett is a Research Officer at the Dementia Studies Development Centre (DSDC) Wales at Bangor University. She has recently joined the DSDC to help in the qualitative analysis of data from the cARTrefu and CFAS Wales studies.

Helen has a BSc (Hons) Psychology and PhD from the University of York, she then went on to work for UCL and Bangor University as a Research Fellow/ Officer in Health in Psycho-oncology research. In 2014 Helen completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Bangor University. For her dissertation she undertook qualitative research (IPA) into the experiences of young adults with a parent living with young onset dementia.  Until recently Helen worked as an NHS Clinical Psychologist in Older Adult Mental Health and Memory Clinic Services.

Helen continues to be interested in the impact of young onset dementia on families, but also post-traumatic growth in older adults following loss and adversity. She is also interested in how psychological models may be applied to improve person-centred care of elderly patients in acute hospital settings.


Selected Publications:

Aslett, H., Huws, J., Kelly-Rhind, J. & Woods, R.T. (submitted). “It’s killing me inside”: The experiences of having a parent with young-onset dementia.

King, M., Jones, L., Richardson, A., Murad, S., Irving, A., Aslett, H. (2008). The relationship between patients’ experiences of continuity of cancer care and health outcomes: a mixed methods study. British Journal of Cancer, 98 (3), 529-536).

Nazareth, I., Jones, L., Irving, A., Aslett, H. et al. (2008). Perceived concepts of continuity of care in people with colorectal and breast cancer – a qualitative case study analysis. European Journal of Cancer Care, 17, 559-77.

Aslett, H.J., Gibson, F., Richardson, A., & Levitt, G. (2007). A review of long-term follow-up for survivors of childhood cancer. European Journal of Cancer, 43 (12) 1781-1790.

Gibson, F., Aslett, H., Levitt, G. & Richardson, A. (2005). Follow-up after childhood cancer: A typology of young people’s health care need. Journal of Clinical Effectiveness in Nursing, 9(3), 133-146.

Gibson, F., Aslett, H., Levitt, G., & Richardson, A. (2006). Developing Alternative Models of long-term follow-up care in young adult survivors of childhood cancer. Final Report Submitted to CLIC Sergeant.

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