Health and social care improvement

The results of work under this theme inform the development and delivery of services and care provision, and the planning of future public policy. We work to ensure that future public policies and care services meet the needs of their populations through user informed evidence based research that promotes person-focussed approaches to health and social care. To this end our work a) ensures the voices of people using and delivering health and social care services are embedded into our research practice; b) contributes to understanding of factors that influence health, and peoples’ decisions to engage with health and care services; c) identifies areas for service improvement; d) empowers professional and family caregivers.


  • Our work on how older people evaluate their need for assistance formed the basis of an Ageing Well in Wales workshop around how people identify services; what encourages people to use services; what barriers stop people from using services; and how can we design more effective services for older people? A mixture of people attended the workshop, including from third sector organisations, private businesses, professional practitioners, and the general public.
  • Our work on social exclusion and health in later life was selected for inclusion in the Understanding Society 2018-2019 annual report ‘Insights’ which showcases research using Understanding Society data.


Research projects:

Social exclusion and use of care services in Wales: experiences of people with cognitive impairment and dementia. Catherine Macleod, Health and Care Research Wales Social Care Fellowship, £269,300.00. 1.10.2017-30.09.2020.  For more information click here

Short breaks for carers: a scoping review. Diane Seddon. Funder Shared Care Scotland. £6.000 1st Feb 2019 to 30th April 2019

The application of Systems Thinking Approaches to the development of integrated care services for adults with complex care needs: a systematic review. Diane Seddon, Gill Toms, Sarah Fry. Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship.  Company partner Gwynedd Local Authority. £14,751 01.12. 2018 – 30.11. 2019.

Everyday lives: exploring the experiences of people with a learning disability in the early stages of the new Social Services and Wellbeing Act (2014) Wales.   Diane Seddon, Anne Krayer, Daron Owens. Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarship. Company partner Mencap Cymru.  £53,476 01.07. 2016 to 30.06.2019

Mind for You – analysis of routinely collected data to explore the impact of short breaks for carers supporting someone with dementia. Diane Seddon and Gill Toms. Ongoing.

Embedding Dementia Care Mapping in practice across Wales: A national approach. Ian Davies-Abbott with Public Health Wales. 01.06.2016 - 30.03.2019

Discourse and dementia: influencing social change through the positive experiences of people with dementia. Ian Davies-Abbott, PhD: Bangor University. Supervisors: Jaci Huws, Sion Williams and Carys Jones. 12.10.2015 - 31.12.2019.