DSDC Staff

Robert Edmund Friedrich Jr

PhD Student

Tel: 01248 388338
Email: mhp402@bangor.ac.uk


Research Interests

The Rev Dr Robert Friedrich is an Episcopal priest from Boston, Massachusetts, USA who has served as a vicar, consultant, and hospice chaplain for many years.  As a chaplain he developed a particular interest in the spiritual lives of people with dementia, working especially with their recall of music and prayers and liturgy.   He noted the positive effects on quality of life of both patients and caregivers.  

In his PhD he is exploring ways these findings can benefit people and how the church may be able to contribute to wellbeing in dementia.  He plans to consult with local clergy on this.

Bob and his wife Sandra have been visiting Cymru for 17 years and have a love for the land and the people.  They have moved into a cottage within the walls of Conwy.  

Bob is a graduate of Houghton College, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and General Seminary in the USA and is a published author.