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Relevant Policies for Wales


Ageing Well in Wales


National Dementia Vision Wales

Launched by the Welsh Assembly Government on the 16th February, 2011 this document sets out the vision for dementia services in Wales. The document also highlights the support and advice available to anyone diagnosed with dementia living in Wales. The Dementia Vision is also available in Welsh.  Additionally, a dedicated bilingual helpline and website has been launched, offering emotional support and advice to anyone who has been diagnosed with dementia and for relatives and carers of people with dementia. Please click here to be directed to the Wales Dementia Helpline website.

National Dementia Action Plan for Wales, Welsh Assembly Government

In recognition of the need to improve care for people with dementia, in October 2008 the Minister for Health and Social Services established a new Task and Finish Group to oversee the development of a National Dementia Plan for Wales. As a result, the National Dementia Action Plan for Wales was published. The document is the Welsh Assembly Government's proposal for ensuring high quality support and care for people with dementia in Wales. The plan identifies what changes need to happen to make sure people with dementia and their carers live well. It provides a table of actions targeted on areas such as better information, greater control over services and increased public awareness of dementia. The actions have target dates over the next five years. Local Authorities, the National Health Service, Social Service departments and other bodies with health and social care duties will be responsible for making sure these actions happen. The action plan is also available in Welsh.

National Service Framework (NSF) for Older People in Wales

The NSF for older people was launched in March 2006 by The Welsh Assembly Government. It sets national, evidence-based standards for the health and social care of older people, thereby helping to ensure that a good level of service is available everywhere in Wales. The document sets out a three stage program to bring all services up to a minimum good standard in the shorter term, and to share and spread good practice to continuously improve services for older people in Wales. The document is also available in Welsh.

The Strategy for Older People in Wales: Living Longer, Living Better, 2003-2008 (Phase 1) and 2008-2013 (Phase 2)

The ten year Strategy for Older People was introduced in 2003 by the Welsh Assembly Government. The first phase was launched in 2003 and was the product of extensive consultation, research and expert views about the lives of older people in Wales. The second phase of the Strategy was launched in March 2008 and runs until 2013. The Strategy aims to provide a basis for the Welsh Assembly Government and other public bodies to develop future policies and plans that reflect the needs of older people living in Wales today and in the future. Both strategy documents (Phase 1 and 2) are available in Welsh.

1000 Lives Guide: Improving Dementia Care

The 1000 lives guide to improving dementia care was published in 2010 as a collaboration between the National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare, the National Patient Safety Agency, Public Health Wales, Clinical Governance Support and Development Unit, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and The Health Foundation. The guide has been produced to enable healthcare organizations and their teams to successfully implement a series of interventions to improve the safety and quality of care that their patients receive. The guide was written by Professor Bob Woods of DSDC Wales, and DSDC undertook several consultative exercises that fed into the guide.


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Relevant Policies for UK

Alzheimer's Research Trust, Dementia 2010

This report, published in 2010, is the outcome of a study commissioned by the Alzheimer's Research Trust to estimate the economic burden associated with dementia to the UK economy for the year 2008. It was produced by the Health Economics Research Centre at the University of Oxford for the Alzheimer's Research Trust.

Counting the Cost Report – Caring for people with dementia on hospital wards

Published in 2010 by the Alzheimer's Society, this report aims to improve the quality of care for people with dementia in Britain's hospitals. It provides evidence from over 2,000 carers and nurses on the quality of dementia care provided on general wards in hospitals across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and outlines the case for a specific focus on improving the care for people with dementia on a general hospital ward.

The use of antipsychotic medication for people with dementia: Time for action

This report was published in 2009 by the Department of Health in recognition of the widespread concern about the over-prescribing of anti-psychotic drugs for people with dementia, and as part of the priority being given to improving care for people with dementia.

Nuffield Council on Bioethics, Dementia: ethical issues

Published in October 2009 by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, this report focuses on the ethical issues that are raised by dementia. It concludes that we need to do more as a society to enable people to live well with dementia. An ethical framework is presented to help address problems that arise in connection with dementia care, together with recommendations for policy makers.

Caring for dignity: A national report on dignity in care for older people while in hospital

First published in September 2007 by the Healthcare Commission, this report focuses on 'dignity' as a key theme. As part of the report, a targeted inspection program was undertaken to assess the extent to which NHS trusts were meeting the standards relating to dignity in care for hospital inpatients. The aims of this work were to promote improvement in care – firstly through an in-depth look at those trusts that appeared to be performing less well, and secondly to identify and share examples of good practice. This report highlights the key findings of the program of assessment and inspection and sets out recommendations for action to improve the care and overall experience of older people in hospitals.

Home from home: A report highlighting opportunities for improving standards of dementia care in care homes

This document was published in 2007 by the Alzheimer's Society. It was produced as part of the Alzheimer's Society 'Putting care right' campaign with the aim of providing an up-to-date understanding of carers' perceptions of the quality of dementia care provided in care homes, and recommending action to bring the quality of all homes up to that of the best.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) – social care institute for excellence (SCIE) on Dementia: Supporting people with dementia and their carers in health and social care.

The clinical guideline for dementia was first published in 2006 and amended in March 2011. The guidance is based on the best available evidence for the treatment and care of people with dementia. The guideline makes evidence-based recommendations for the diagnosis of dementia, and the treatment and care of people with the condition. These approaches include psychological, pharmacological, service-level and self-help interventions.


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Relevant International Policies

World Alzheimer's Report 2010

This report looks at the global economic impact of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. The report includes an estimate of the worldwide cost of dementia, including direct medical costs, direct non-medical costs, and costs of informal (family) care. The estimates are broken down by world region and include analysis of the differences between low and high income countries. The report also contains important policy recommendations.

Demystifying the Myths of Ageing

This document was published by the World Health Organisation in 2008. It was written as part of the strategy of the WHO Healthy Cities Network for healthy ageing in Europe. It is designed as a generic model that cities of Europe can adapt to suit their local needs.


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